Some women like lace and others don’t. I loved lace in the 80’s and then went through a stage of not liking it at all. Now I’m turning full circle and starting to appreciate outfits with pops of lace camisole peaking through.

A bit of lace in the right place does the covering trick when a neckline is too revealing. Of course, you have the option to wear lace-less camisoles and those are the ones I wear most of the time. But occasionally a triangle of lace adds textural interest to the outfit – especially when you’re matching the same color cami and top.

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There are all sorts of creative ways to wear lace camisoles. These basic guidelines will help you get started if this is new territory for you:

  • Camisoles with lace inserts: These are ideal for tops, blouses, shirts and dresses with V-neck openings. With this option you can choose to keep the camisole the same colour as the top, or create a contrast. Both looks are equally effective.
  • Camisoles with lace hems: These look sweet layered under a shorter top, blouse or shirt. I especially like a straight lace hemmed camisole peeking out from under a curved hem blouse or shirt. Again, you have the option of keeping the camisole the same colour as the top or to create a contrast.
  • All over lace camisoles: I like the look of these under sheer woven blouses or shirts. I prefer this type of pairing with low colour contrast between the camisole and the top, like a sheer black blouse worn with an all over black lace camisole. But that’s not a rule and you can go to town with the combinations.
  • All over patterned camisoles with lace inserts: These look fab under thicker woven shirts and blouses. For example, a denim shirt looks great over a patterned and lace inserted camisole. Undo an extra shirt button or two and show it off.
  • Demi lace camisoles: These work miracles when it’s really hot or when wearing a dress. No hem lines and less midsection coverage. Second Base makes super demi lace camisoles which might come in handy as temperatures start to rise.

In case you were wondering, you still need to wear a bra with a lace camisole. Flesh toned or a colour to match the camisole is a flop proof way to go.

Do you like a bit of lace peaking through from under the neckline of your top or dress? Or are you a lace-less camisole gal.