The shoes worn by the attendants of Fashion Week deserved a runway show of their own. In fact, if you kept your head down and focused on the floors of the tents throughout the week, you’d be suitably entertained. We’ve seen it all around here: from ballet flats, strappy cage heels, peep-toes, mary janes, over the knee-high boots and uggs, to wellies, pumps, riding boots, booties, sneakers, Docs, spectators and oxfords.

Shoes 1

Because it’s Winter, neutrally toned boots and booties are the most popular form of footwear: from the sleekest flat equestrian styles, to the highest of platform wedges. Pumps were the next most popular form of footwear, with no shortage of red soled Christian Louboutins. There are definitely more heels than flats making their rounds here at fashion week, with three inch heels being the average height. There are also loads of women sporting five and six inch heels. I don’t know HOW they do it, but they can include their high heel walking skills in their resumes.

If I had to pick to most common shoe worn here at Fashion Week, it would be a four inch black stiletto bootie. Next would be a four inch black stiletto pump worn with hose. Some of the shoes are so pretty and beautifully made that I would gladly display them as works of art at home — a much better idea than using them for walking.

Shoes 2

You’ve seen what I’ve been wearing on my feet to fashion week and I’ve felt just as fab. We love, love, love to walk extensively in cities, so my extra comfy one to two inch heeled boots suit me just fine as we charge through the streets of Manhattan in rain, snow and shine. What would you wear on your feet if you were here at New York Fashion Week?