The media is a big part of the hustle and bustle of fashion week. Everywhere you look there are bloggers and print magazine photographers taking photos, and camera crews doing interviews for TV. I was interviewed twice yesterday — for American Express TV and a Fashion Channel in Brazil — and quite enjoyed the process. I was asked about my style, the outfit I was wearing, where I was from, what line of work I was in, which company I represented, my perceptions of Fashion Week, the highlights, the lowlights and what I thought of New York city.

TV Interviews

Yesterday I wore a stretchy grey Club Monaco pencil skirt with an Ann Fontaine turtle neck, studded black belt, Burberry scarf, Wolford hose and slouchy Frye boots. I carried a Michael Kors satchel, a black and white polka dot umbrella and my puffer to finish off the look. I was totally comfortable walking around in the snow, sleet and rain and even managed to keep my hair straight.

Angie's Outfit