The Carlos Miele show this morning was utterly splendid. It was packed to the brim with people so we felt very fortunate to be well positioned behind the seated audience near the end of the runway. We were just close enough to capture the intricate technical work of the garments, soaking up the brilliance of every pleat, dart and stitch. The fabrics were lusciously drapey and substantial and I was in my element appreciating the luxury of first class couture.

Audience 1

No prizes for guessing what colour was most worn by the audience. Although, being a morning show, a few people branched out to wear grey — and drum roll please — some even added pops of colour. A few others hauled out animal print coats and accessories. All in all, this has been the most colour rich day at Fashion Week.

Audience 2

Carlos Miele’s garments were wearable and I very much enjoyed the aesthetics. They were clean and innovative, but somehow pretty classic too. It made for a dazzling combination.

Runway 1

The collection was beautifully colourful and it worked well on the runway. There were strong statements of tomato red matched with bright purple – a combination I’m incorporating into my wardrobe as soon as possible. A bright royal blue and rich emerald green appeared in a handful of the garments, which was quite delicious too. Skirts and dresses were both short and on the knee. Paperbag waist detailing was strong, so watch out for more of that this Autumn. Slacks were very tapered, but sleeves were voluminous both in shoulder poof and in the form of under arm batwings.

Runway 2

There was also lots of zipper trim, sequin and pleat detailing on skirts and dresses. But the best part about the Carlos Miele collection was the superb use of colour blocking. It’s not an easy sewing technique and it was flawlessly executed with what I imagine to be super slippery fabric. His colour blocked garments looked both strong and graphic, yet soft and feminine. Very fab.

Favourite Dress

As much as I love colour and it’s effective impact on the runway, my favourite item in this collection was a short, black, spiders web sheath dress with flesh toned lining (you can see it in the picture above). It would work in my wardrobe with a pile of pearls, a tailored tuxedo jacket and red shoes, so I’ll take one of those please.


At the end of every show the designer appears for a few seconds for some well deserved applause after six months of hard work preparing their collection for this ten minute spectacle. We thought Carlos was particularly humble in the way he acknowledged the recognition.

Carlos Miele

There are several photographers outside the tents snapping pictures of people at Fashion Week. A rather hip and dashing photographer asked if he could take a picture of me today and I obliged. Not too shabby.