I love the beginning of each new year! It’s a time to re-purpose, reflect and recharge. Leave the cobwebs behind and start again.

Did you stick to the style, fashion and shopping related resolutions that you made in 2009? One year ago I summarized the New Year’s resolutions we had discussed on a forum thread. I thought this was a great list and decided to adopt it for 2009. Here’s how I did:

  • To spend less overall and become more of a bargain shopper: I failed miserably at this one. I’m still a bad bargain shopper because when I see something that’s hot off the fashion press at full price, that’s when I want it. I usually lose interest once the item goes on sale.
  • To purchase fewer fabulous items of greater quality: Scored A+ here. This has been my shopping mantra for the longest time.
  • To pass on items that are not absolutely perfect (minor alterations are obviously permitted): I’m a perfectionist so this one was easy.
  • To shop for your dominant season: I’ve got this down after burning my fingers several seasons ago.
  • To focus on footwear and accessories like handbags, scarves, specs and jewelry because they are cost effective ways of changing up a look: This was my year for adding the very best handbags to my collection so I feel particularly good about this one.
  • To do regular closet sweeps: I enjoy editing and am in the habit of doing it every few months.
  • To improve closet organization: Our walk-in wardrobe is organized but I could kick it up a notch. I need better boot and handbag storage solutions so I’m busy building a bag and boot shrine.
  • To shop with a plan: Yup. Easy.
  • To learn how to correctly fit garments: The new trends bring new fit challenges. I eventually got my head around the proper fit for newcomers like boyfriend blazers, boyfriend cardigans, harem pants and mid calf boots after fitting them on many body types.
  • To get out of clothing ruts: I’m wearing jeans far less frequently. I moved from a predominantly smart casual dress code to a business casual one, and it feels right as I approach 40.
  • To shop more at thrift and consignment stores: Another complete failure. My size is hard to find and I don’t fancy the musty smells of thrift stores. I’ll leave thrifting to the thrifting pros as I have finally accepted that I am not cut out for this way of shopping.
  • To eliminate closet orphans: Hmmm. I don’t think I have closet orphans.
  • To get a great hairdo: I’m happy with my do. It’s a little longer and darker at the moment and I much prefer it that way.
  • To let go of T-shirts: I don’t wear T-shirts so this one was completely effortless.
  • To make an effort to look nice every day: I do! And have fun in the process..

These were my additional resolutions:

  • To add more skirts to my wardrobe: Nah. That didn’t work out. I’m still a dress gal at heart.
  • To add more knitwear to my wardrobe: Yup. I finally have enough non-itchy knitwear for Winter and Spring.
  • To wear my cocktail rings: Didn’t happen. They’re still hibernating which means that I just identified my closet orphans.
  • To have regular facials: Yes! I’ve had one a month and my dry skin issues are sorted.

I would rate my performance as fair. Not stellar, but not hopeless either. I’m still thinking about how I will adjust my fashion and style priorities for 2010.

How did you do? Are there style related resolutions that you would add for 2010?