If you were allowed to make one wish relating to fashion and style, what would it be? There is no wish too outrageous and everything is possible.

You could ask for a limitless clothing budget, enjoy perfectly styled hair for the rest of your days, sport a flawless complexion till you’re a hundred, or wake up with a body like Jennifer Aniston. You could live in a fashion capital, be a super model, enjoy the fruits of a fancy walk-in wardrobe, have a stylist pull together a fabulous and appropriate outfit each morning till you retire, entrust someone to do your wardrobe shopping so that you never need to worry about it again, meet your style icon, make all clothing magically fit, or have blue eyes.

My wish is a tall order: I wish for magical comfort levels for every shoe and boot on the planet right now and forever to accommodate my forever fashionable and fussy feet. That way I would be able to wear absolutely any ped and never worry about comfort issues again.

The sky is your limit so let your imagination run wild. Remember though, you’re only allowed ONE wish and you have to live with it forever. Think carefully and let’s hear it.