Instead of purchasing new dresses each party season, I often rejuvenate the look of my frocks with new accessories. I don’t wear earrings so necklaces are my number one choice of jewelry for any outfit. The plainest frock or top comes to life with an eye catching item of neckwear, and for this reason I enjoy the effect of bib necklaces. Simple and bold.

Bib necklaces come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, metals, colours and materials, especially at his time of year when party wear is in full retail swing. Some bib necklaces are wildly ornate, chunky and glitzy, whereas others are earthy, tarnished and dainty. Pop them over either a low or high neckline for instant drama and watch your ensemble transform from drab to dazzling.

Do you like the look of bib necklaces, or is it too much necklace? What’s your preferred choice of jewelry for fancy occasions?

Tasha 'Cleopatra' Jeweled BibSilent Film Bib Necklaceb

These necklaces are silver and monochromatic, but bib necklaces are effective in every metal and in stones and beads of every colour. You’re not limited to pairing bib necklaces with party dresses either. Pop them under a button-down shirt or over a dressy knit top for a more casual party occasion. Easy.