Modern day vampire themed books, television serials and movies are all the rage and there is no stopping the trend. I was completely disinterested in the phenomenon until I saw teenage actress Kristen Stewart play a superb role in a recent movie called “Adventureland”. Her talent piqued my interest so I NetFlixed the much acclaimed vampire movie “Twilight” and saw it over Thanksgiving weekend. Good grief! I too have been completely sucked in by the vampire movie trend.

I was so, so unexpectedly mesmerized with the story line and chemistry between the main actors in Twilight that I dragged poor Greg to see “New Moon”, which is playing in theaters right now. I was equally captivated by the sequel and I’m already champing at the bit to see the third movie in the series.

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Vampire themed movies, books, and TV shows are one thing, but now you can even shop the “New Moon Fashion Line” in the junior section at Nordstrom. Apart from movie-specific slogans and illustrations on T’s and hoodies, this fashion range looks like everything else at young adult retail clothing stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and American Eagle. I’m not a young adult so I’m not drawn to the fashion line or to the clothing worn on the movies. But I have been wondering whether it’s been appealing to the target audience. Are these clothing lines resonating with your teenagers?

Also, are the Twilight movies and their fashion a big thing where you live? Have you been captivated by the movies (or books) like I have?