Fact: lower necklines are more flattering for well endowed gals. Wherever possible I like to put a V-neck, scoop neck, boat neck or sweetheart neckline on a client with a larger bust because the lower neckline visually rebalances the size of the bust and elongates the long lean line. A shirt or blouse collar that un-buttons into a deep V-shape works equally well.

A busty lass wearing a high neckline like a crew or turtle neck has the opposite effect. It makes the bust look even bigger, as if the bosom starts from under the chin instead of below the shoulder line. But there are times when bustier lasses prefer to wear high necklines either because of the cold, or because it’s time to change things up. It’s not the best look, but there are ways of bending the body type guidelines once you fully understand them.

Follow these tips if you are busty but would like to wear a higher neckline:

  • Choose an item in a lightweight fabrication. Stay away from bulky knits and stick to finer gauges and tissue weight fabrics.
  • Create a V-shaped neckline with an additional layer. Layering over a high neckline with a tailored blazer, waistcoat or jacket to create a V-shaped neckline is quite effective, especially when the additional layer is left unbuttoned.
  • Add an eye-catching vertical accessory. This draws the eye up and down and takes attention away from the bust. Crew necks look good with short chunky pendants that finish above the bust. They also work with long, soft collapsible scarves tied in vertical knots. Turtle necks look good with longer finer necklaces that drape over the curve of the bust, but are short enough that they don’t hook onto to the bust (Y-chains are a great idea). Wearing a soft slimming scarf over a turtle neck is especially effective when the scarf and top are in the same monochromatic colour palette.

Portuguese forum member Rute posted an outfit on the forum yesterday that perfectly illustrates all three tips on her deliciously hourglass frame. Be sure to check out Rute for visual inspiration. She looks fab!