The combination of growing up in the 70’s and my Dutch heritage had me in multiple pairs of clogs when I was a child. They were bright tomato red with a light brown wooden heel and I remember my Mum replenishing the look each time I grew out of them. When I was very little I wore red clogs with dresses and skirts, but as I got older I wore them with jeans and corduroy pants. In the mid 80’s I stopped wearing clogs because I became too cool for school, opting instead for winklepickers, moccasins, cowboy boots, Lady Di’s and Dr. Martens.

I haven’t worn clogs since I was 15, but I still try them on for nostalgic reasons. My foot shape has changed over the years and now, clogs slide off my feet as I stride. My feet have to grip unnaturally hard to keep them on which gives me arch cramp, so that’s a no go for me. But I wholeheartedly believe that clogs have stylish potential. Wearing them with a cute casual outfit under a pair of boot cut or wide leg jeans, exposing just the tips of the toe box can look adorable. Some of the more refined and sleek clog styles lend themselves to straight legs too.

I have an extremely stylish 49 year old German friend who wears white clogs with lighter wash boot cut jeans (this is the same friend who wears a white ceramic Chanel watch). She too has fussy feet and clogs work for her when she’s on her feet for a long time. My friend rocks the look so I’m going with a stylish yay for clogs. As with all wardrobe items, it’s how you wear them that makes the difference. What’s your verdict on clogs?

Dansko Sonja PatentNaot Footwear DreamLa Canadienne GaiaFrye Belted Harness MuleDonald J Pliner RashaAquatalia by Marvin K. Fifi

Believe it or not, my friend’s white clogs are similar to the Dansko style (top left), but with a light brown wooden heel. And she is as chic and pulled together as it gets! Fabulous footwear designers like Donald Pliner, Paul Green and Stuart Weitzman have started showing clogs in their collections and the ped featured quite strongly in Fashion Week for Spring 2010. I have a hunch that we might see clogs come back for Spring. Perhaps I’ll even find a pair that stay on my feet.