The blogosphere is full of stylish gals of all sizes and ages blogging about what they wore each day. They tell us how to wear a particular ensemble, where they bought the items, and why they like their outfit. They also show us how new purchases fit into their existing wardrobes and share their thoughts on fashion, style and beauty.

Here are the blogs of some of our forum members who post about their outfits each day. It’s super to read their descriptions and see their style.

My favourite diary of daily outfits is by the fabulously colourful and theatrical Kasmira from “What I Wore Today“. Kasmira is in a league of her own, blogging solidly for more than three years about what she wears to work in down town Cincinnati, with the odd weekend occasion outfit thrown in just for fun. Her photographs and outfits have life, energy and soul. They are visually appealing, superbly taken and beautifully executed. I love Kasmira’s countless poses, fun facial expressions and dry sense of humour. The backdrops for the photos are just as gorgeous as the very lovely Kasmira herself. And if the blog isn’t impressive enough, Kasmira often takes her own pictures! I don’t know how she does it but I’m very impressed.

Do you read blogs about stylish gals that post what they wore each day? If so, which blogs do you read and why do you read them? If you’re a blogger who posts her daily ensembles, why do you love to post what you wore?