Skirt and dress lengths have been getting shorter along with the resurgence in 80’s fashion. Before, finding hems that ended on or below the knee was the norm. But today, hemlines seldom cover the knee. Mid-thigh lengths are pretty common and crotch-scraping lengths are available too.

I haven’t worn a mini-skirt since I was a teenybopper because I like to feel covered. So it took me a while to get back into the whole idea of raising my hemline. I still want the coverage so I prefer to wear raised hemlines with leggings or hose, and knee-high or mid-calf length boots. Even so, my hems are never shorter than two to three inches above the top of my knee cap. When I’m barelegged sans boots, my hemlines are a little longer, either on the knee or just above it. I showed some typical lengths in last month’s post on slouch boots.

So I guess I’m okay with the rising hemline trend as long as it’s no shorter than a few inches above the knee and I can add coverage. How do you feel about raising your hemline and how short will you go?