Denim leggings or leggings jeans are a great substitute for skinny jeans that are tucked into boots. They look just like 5-pocket jeans, but are sleeker, softer and very stretchy. This clearly screams practical comfort.

As much as I encourage the look of tucking skinnies into knee-high or mid-calf boots, I realize that it’s not equally comfortable for all. There’s often unwanted fabric bunching, or not enough room in the boots to accommodate the excess fabric of the jeans. Enter denim leggings, which are made of thinner and more supple denim. They offer an extra tight fit without cutting off your circulation. No more bunching or excess fabric. Woohoo!

Because denim leggings fit a little tighter around the crotch and thigh area, match up the look with longer tunic tops and knitwear. Once you’ve added tall boots to the mix, you should feel adequately covered. You might find that you reserve denim leggings solely for the purpose of tucking into boots.

Jolt 'Pick Me Up' Stretch Denim LeggingsiconJolt 'Pick Me Up' Stretch Denim LeggingsiconJolt 'Pick Me Up' Stretch Denim Leggingsicon

Denim leggings or leggings jeans are available in most department stores and online sites. The ones that you see here (from the Nordstrom Junior department) are my top pick at the moment ($39). They have worked for both curvy and straight body types and all sorts of heights and ages as long as the rest of the ensemble components are right. Tucking skinnies into boots has never been so easy.