You may have noticed that we have a few new sponsors here at YLF. We thought some introductions were in order.

Reading in Style

A. J. Morgan Eyewear is a fashion forward reader and sunglasses collection with over 1000 designs and colours in their range. Their eclectic designs immediately caught my eye, and my only disappointment was that some of the great looks weren’t also available as frames for regular glasses. As Leonard Derse from A.J. Morgan puts it:

“If you’re in the mood for adventure and want to express your unique personality, then A. J. Morgan Eyewear is the place for you. With over 1,000 designs and colors we know you’ll find the eclectic pair that fits your style.”

Comfort for the Well Endowed

We first got to know Carissa Brown from Bratique Helene (update: now rebranded as Carissa Rose) when Nicole from the YLF forum reviewed her product back in January. Carissa is an expert on the busty figure and her clothing line, Bratique Helene, addresses the special needs of the curvy (but not plus sized) woman. Carissa is passionate about the benefits of her product:

“Just check out this before & after video for some excellent pointers on how to create a streamlined silhouette and make the most of your assets. Remember, being well endowed is a blessing and not a curse.”

Asian Fashion and Lifestyle is one of the first online retailers who cater specifically to those interested in Asian fashion and lifestyle products. They house over 300 brands from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Stefan Janssens of YesStyle wanted to point out that the online retailer now also has a brick and mortar store:

“This year, on top of celebrating our 3rd anniversary and due to immense demand, we also celebrated the grand opening of the first YesStyle Store, located in San Francisco, California.”

We’re excited that these sponsors have decided to use YLF to reach their target market, and we’d like to thank them for helping to support our investment in the wonderful YLF community.