I love Cate Blanchett. In my book she is the best actress on earth and sports one of the best styles in Hollywood. Her avant-garde, theatrical and haute couture clothing often takes my breath away. Cate is not only beautiful, but so daring in her fashion choices. She is always the first person I want to look at, at a celebrity event because her outfits are exciting and inspiring. Seeing Cate glide with confidence in her innovative creations is like watching a walking work of art.

So I’m going to turn a blind eye to the bizarre crocheted blanket dress Cate recently wore at a red carpet event in Melbourne. I’m not even going to try to defend the frock because it’s hideous and she’s getting a lot of flak for it already. But it is the one and only Cate Blanchett sporting the ugly dress and if anyone will come out of this situation shining like a star, it’s her. It took courage to sport the look and I support Cate’s risk taking style.

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Click the thumbnails to see Cate’s dress in all its crocheted glory.