There is going to be a lot of black in the Autumn and Winter collections this year. More than normal. I adore the right black wardrobe items and my personal style wouldn’t function without them. Black is a good basic and certain items just look best in this colour. But I’m a little worried about the sea of black that’s forecast for stores this season.

Black is not flop proof. It can look dull, severe and lifeless against the skin, especially as you get older. Yet for many women it’s become an easy fallback option because of the perception that black is versatile, chic and slimming. Black is all of those things, but it has to be worn in the right way. It can look great when worn head to toe, if there is ample textural interest. Texture adds movement and depth to the hue, bringing it back to life. Black is also beautiful paired with white, cream, grey or rich reds, blues and browns. As for the rest, it’s a little trickier to get right.

I hope there’s enough colour variety this season. Although it’s stylish to wear black in the right doses, it’s refreshing and uplifting to wear a colour other than black, especially on a chilly day. Do you wear too much black?

Nanette Lepore Heartbeat CoatDiane von Furstenberg Millitette CoatVictorialand Medium Body Half Tuxedo Shirticon

Some typical pairings of black items this season. Wearing black with black is often encouraged, once again confirming my earlier suspicions about a 90’s revival in fashion.