I seem to have created the impression that “black is not a YLF colour”. Let me set the record straight. It absolutely is. I love black and own many black pieces (like this dress and this biker jacket). So do many of my clients.

I don’t think our wardrobes function well without black pieces and some items look better in black than in any other colour. That being said, I’m not an unconditional advocate of black because it isn’t flop proof.

  • Some people wear black well. Others don’t. People who don’t look good in black might prefer brown, grey, ink blue or white as “their black”.
  • Falling back on black tops time and time again without adding a contrasting colour to your ensemble is dangerous. This is what I call the black rut and it is just too somber. Angelina Jolie is infamous for being in a black rut, but that has changed recently. She’s incorporating other neutrals and colour into her style mix and in my opinion looks much better for it.
  • Wearing black from head-to-toe is hard to pull off. It can look stunning when the outfit is textured, but most of the time it’s a risk.

I do not mean to discourage you from purchasing black wardrobe items. They can be fab. Just ensure that black works for you, stay out of the rut, and incorporate texture when you wear it from head to toe.