Tucking in a top shortens your torso visually. If you have a longer than average torso, this creates balance. If you have a shorter than average torso, it will look even shorter. So people who have short torsos to begin with will generally look better with un-tucked tops.

If only it were that easy! Most of my clients, our forum members and people I see daily, irrespective of their waist length, leg length, body type and bust size, prefer to wear un-tucked tops. I do too. It’s just harder to make a tucked-in top look AND feel good. A tailored, un-tucked top is a lot more forgiving around the midriff, acts as an interesting layering vehicle and you can’t beat the comfort factor.

I have an average waist length and the only time I tuck my top into bottoms is when I wear a mid to high-waisted pencil skirt like you see in the picture below left. I’ll tuck my top into a pair of ‘80’s inspired high-waisted slouchy trousers too, once I get a pair. With a higher waisted bottom, my tucked top stays put and I feel hourglass-y. But in all other instances my tops, which are either form-fitting, belted or voluminous, are left un-tucked.

I don’t like to tuck tops into items with low rises like you see in the picture below right because the top moves all over the show and this drives me up the wall. I also don’t fancy the “blouson effect” of a tucked-in top on a low rise. It hides your waistline in an unappealing way, making you look blocky. Tucking-in a more waist defining top than the grey button down shown in the picture is an option, but only if you’re happy drawing attention to your midriff.

Occasionally I come across a client who prefers to tuck in her tops because it makes her feel less sloppy, especially if she’s wearing a suit. But once we’ve found tops that look flattering, dressy and appropriate un-tucked, there is a change of heart because of the advantages. How do you feel about tucking tops into bottoms? Is this something that you do? If so, what type of top do you tuck into bottoms? If not, why not?

Tucked Shirt with Low Rise Pants