It’s another blast from the past. Remember the calf-length zippered jeans that we wore 20 years ago? I’ll admit I wore the leg-shortening style back then until my Mum said one day : “Those jeans make your legs look short. It’s not very elegant. Your Levis look much better”. I never wore those zippered jeans again.

But my fondness for zipper detailing continues, so I was thrilled to see zippered skinnies back on the fashion scene. They are more sleek and streamlined this time round, and thankfully at a much better length, WITH stretch. I adore the way the open zipper looks like a vent cascading over the top part of the foot, especially when worn with a heel. Subtle and alluring, yet interesting and edgy. Very fab.

J Brand Deal 12" Pencil Leg Jean with ZipJ Brand Deal 12" Pencil Leg Jean with ZipJames Zippered Cigarette By GeneticJ Brand Deal 12" Zipper Jean

Zippered skinnies look nice zipped up at the hems too (picture on the far right). They’ll scrunch voluminously around the ankle when the length is longer (I prefer skinny jeans to scrunch). I’m all over this trend and hope to add a pair of zippered skinnies to my denim collection this year. I wonder if Mum would have liked this version better.