I’d like to dedicate this post to all YLF fathers and in particular to my dearest Dad who happens to be visiting right now. Papa, as I call him, is 76 and manages to fly out to Seattle twice a year from his home in the Netherlands where he lives on his own. He doesn’t have computer access back home so he’s going to get a real kick out of seeing this post today.

Papa is the opposite of my Mum when it comes to style and fashion. He loathes shopping for clothes and shoes and considers it punishment when he has to update his wardrobe. (Being a little colour blind doesn’t help). But my Mum set a high style standard and would not tolerate sloppy dressing, so Papa relied heavily on her to ensure that he was well turned out at all times. When Mama was still alive, I remember Papa asking her the same question every morning as he stood in front of his closet: “Wat moet ik aantrekken?”, which translated from Dutch means “what should I wear?”.

These days Papa has to get it right on his own. With a little help from you know who, he’s managed extremely well over the last nine years and I’m proud that my Dad has not let himself go. As a tribute to his late wife and a sign of self respect, Papa is well groomed, well put together and stylish every day.

His day to day uniform consists of nice jeans, cords or wool pants with tucked-in button down shirt, cashmere pullover, belt and leather shoes. When it gets colder he adds a trench, leather jacket or wool coat with scarf, gloves, umbrella and tweed hat. When it’s hot, he substitutes the jeans for tailored bermuda shorts and slip-on mule sandals. Papa finishes off his look with great classic specs or hip sunglasses, along with his wedding ring and gold watch. He also keeps his hair and beard super short and his hands immaculately buffed. Brilliant.

Thank you Papa for paying attention to your wardrobe and daily dressing routine. You are proof that style is achievable at any age. Yvonne watches over you from her fluffy white cloud and totally approves of your dress sense. You look fab.

Over to you ladies. Let’s hear about your Dad’s style. Are you planning any style and fashion related gifts for Sunday?

My father and I in AmsterdamPapa with Hugo and mePapa's sportscar in Hong Kong

(1) This picture was taken over three years ago when my best friend Lori and I went to visit my father in the Netherlands. He’s wearing his favourite suede jacket, navy scarf and gloves, giving us a heartfelt smile. (2) Papa with me and my brother Hugo in 1971. Nylon polo shirt, checked pants and of-that-fashion-moment specs. Fabulous. (3) My Mum used to say that it was Papa’s sports car that got her hooked. Here he is cruising along Hong Kong’s coastline after a hard day’s work in 1961. The top is down and the sassy sunglasses are out. Uber cool. Happy Father’s Day everyone!