You desperately want to renew your style. Ideally, you would purchase the best set of bras, and then cover each wardrobe category so that you have a range of complete, current and fabulous outfits to wear each day. But that’s not possible because you have budget constraints. Now what?

The answer is to take a gradual approach that respects your budget. To build your confidence and motivation, start by changing three things that will have a powerful visual effect: your hair, your shoes and your handbag.

  1. Re-evaluate your hairstyle: It’s true: your hair can make or break your look. Kendall Farr’s suggestion of getting your hair style sorted BEFORE you assess your wardrobe is one I have begun to introduce to my clientele. Your hair is the first accessory to change when you’re stuck in a style rut because it creates a big impact. Take advantage of that power and get right to it.
  2. Update your footwear: Shoes are usually expensive and hard to purchase when money is tight. But if you don’t have fussy feet, you can get perfectly fine footwear at places like Target, JC Penny, TJMaxx and Payless. If your feet require better-end shoes, scout the sales and check out bargain sites like and And don’t forget the option of thrift stores either. Purchase two versatile pairs of peds that you can wear right away.
  3. Sport a fab handbag: You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a handbag. H&M and discount stores offer super selections and you’re bound to find a bag you love for $25.

This is not a complete renewal, but by giving attention to these three areas of your style, you’ll look and feel better right away. A visual and motivating change that can tide you over.

The right bra is the next essential step, because you can’t judge fit unless your foundation garments are correct. Purchase one great bra if that’s all you can afford. If at all possible, get a professional fitting.

After that you can gradually add items as your budget permits. Identify the most important everyday clothing needs that you need to refresh. It might be a pair of jeans or slacks, or an assortment of tops and a jacket. Or perhaps a couple of easy frocks that you can dress up or down. Watch the sales for these items.

With your hairstyle, handbag and shoes in place it will be easier to have the patience to slowly and selectively build up the right wardrobe pieces. Before you know it, dressing each morning will be a pleasure, not a chore.