This ped is an update on last season’s peep-toe bootie. It uniquely combines the silhouettes of both an ankle boot and thong sandal with the end product looking rather gladiator-esque. I adore gladiator sandals so I gave the look a try in stores. Unfortunately, they don’t work for my fussy feet, but I really like the look.

Pop them under the right outfit and they’re super edgy and a tad ethnic. So what’s the verdict? Am I alone in liking the new sandal bootie?

UcanType Z IzzieAsh Women's Santorin Collar Sandals Air Slashed Thong Cutout Booties

 Depending on the style, sandal booties can either look rugged or refined. I prefer the refined versions like the cream and silver pairs on the right, but I’ve seen both moods sported equally well.