The writing was on the wall when I saw an abundance of turquoise in Paris couture windows. Sure enough, it’s about a year later and the mainstream stores are full of turquoise product for Spring 2009. And the turquoise I saw recently in New York couture windows tells me that the shade is going to be around for a while.

I haven’t always loved turquoise the way I love green, red, yellow and cream. My fondness for the colour started last year when I got a new pair of specs, which are black and white on the outside and bright turquoise on the inside. Bingo. Since then I have been mesmerized by turquoise and have incorporated it into my wardrobe mix.

Turquoise is happening in all its hues and I like them all. From dark bluish tones to light greenish tints, both saturated and muted and everything in-between. I love to pair turquoise with white and yellow because it’s fresh and screams warm weather fun. I also like turquoise with black and white, green, or tomato red. Even if your complexion doesn’t allow you to wear turquoise close to your face, you can still use it as an accent.

I have turquoise knitwear, woolly scarves, a check jacket and a dress. I’m in the market for a turquoise blouse, Summer jacket, Spring scarf and handbag. And if I don’t find these items this year, there will always be Spring 2010. But a bit of uplifting turquoise product will be especially welcome right now, so my fingers are crossed.

Cejon Tie Dye Scarf with Twisted FringePetite Silk Shirred Blouse Sutton Studio Exclusive Two Button Jacket - Women'sMedium Zipper Pocket Satchel Paisley Dance Silk Scarf Metallic Python Leather Belt with G Harness BuckleMichael Kors 'Turquoise Catwalk' Chronograph Watch

The different hues of turquoise. Clockwise from the top left: classic blazer, printed scarves, metallic snake skin belt, watch, satchel and silk blouse.