There was a time when matching a handbag to your shoes was the no-brainier stylish thing to do. But fashion and style have evolved and this is no longer always the case. Some fashion gurus will go as far as saying that it’s become unstylish to match your bag and shoes.

I wouldn’t go that far. Most of us wear black or brown shoes and matching them with a black or brown bag is not a fashion faux pas. It might be the classic and predictable choice, but it’s by no means unstylish. I also think that the matching thing works with non-neutral colours, like wearing a cobalt bag with cobalt shoes. As long as you stick to wearing only two items in the same colour in one outfit, you’ll be fine (neutrals, excluded).

Aesthetically I prefer a mismatched look for myself, but matching the colour of handbags to shoes is still fab in my book. You’ll always look polished and put together.

Robyn Washed Leather JacketDouble Breasted Cotton Jacket Signature Cardi-WrapWool Sweater Jacket

Mismatch (left): These outfits show how mismatching the colour of your shoes and handbags works. Most of us have probably tried this look and are pretty used to it. It might even be a look that you prefer.

Match (right): These outfits show how matching peds with purses works just as well. The overall effect is less eye- catching, but certainly just as stylish.