Neutrals like black, grey, brown, cream, white, navy and nude are considered timeless, but most colours waft in and out of fashion. Recently on the forum there was an interesting discussion about colours that are forever fashionable just for you. These are the colours that are extremely flattering for your complexion, hair colour, eye colour and personality. When I work with my clients I refer to them as signature colors. It really doesn’t matter if it’s not the “it” fuchsia” or last season’s “teal”. If you look fabulous in particular shades, you should wear them regardless of their fashion status because signature colours do not date.

Unfortunately, items in timeless colours are not without their challenges. For some items the style will date even if the colour is forever. And it’s not always easy finding items in your timeless colours. You might find loads of items in one season and nothing for a few seasons thereafter. The answer is to buy items in more timeless styles and stock up on them when the colours are in fashion. This is why I bought quite a few things in tomato red and an acidic yellowy-green over the last few seasons. These are my timeless colours and I’d be awfully unhappy if they were absent from my wardrobe. How about you?

MARC JACOBS 'Too Pocket Large' Bag Slim Stretch Shirt Cotton Tie-Neck Blouse

These shades of red and citrusy yellow have always been my forever fashionables. That all too famous 50’s “Tiffany’s blue” is a recent addition to the list. With the resurgence of turquoise for Spring 2009, I plan to stock up.