Questions on my mind lately:

Other than basic neutrals (cream, white, black, navy, gray, and perhaps red too), are there certain colors that are timeless and won't ever appear dated?


Would any color that truly flattered you, ever really get dated? (Maybe the style of the garment would date... but let's assume a classic style with a color-du-jour).

I've been thinking about this ever since Angie's recent post about the 80s revival, and she mentioned certain colors that are popular right now are reminiscent of the 80s.

I love the colors out right now - particularly teal, Jcrew's "majestic purple" (which seems cobalt to me), emerald, plum. I also love fuschia, turquoise and apple green for spring/summer. Because these colors flatter me, and I haven't seen them in sooo long, I'm tempted to go crazy stocking up on them, in case the whims of the fashion gods change their mind anytime soon...

When I did my most recent culling and closet rotation, focusing on winter clothing, it occurred to me that I had a ton of soft, pastel-ish colors. Which aren't my favorite colors, but it seemed it was all you could find in the stores for many years (other than basics). And for spring/summer, for some reason I have a lot of orange (like a sorbet orange) from past seasons (BR went crazy with orange in... I think it was 2005?).

Finally - what would you add to my list of "basic neutrals"? I.e., what colors do you think are timeless?