Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era for the United States as the Obama’s were sworn in as our new First Family. Let’s take a closer look at the outfits that President Obama, his wife and two daughters wore to the inauguration:

  • Barack: His flawless black suit, white shirt and red tie made a killer impression. I loved his burgundy scarf and black gloves. I’ll give our stylish new President 10 out of 10 for his ensemble. Absolutely perfect.
  • Michelle: Her gold-embossed coat and matching shift-style dress looked regal and dazzling. I personally would have enjoyed seeing Michelle in a Chanel suit, but I loved that her gold ensemble was unexpected because it symbolizes change. I couldn’t quite make out what was going on in-between the coat and the dress. At first I thought it was a cardigan, then I thought it was a dickey, and later I thought it might be a decorative panel sewn onto the dress plus a scarf. I’m still not quite sure, but all in all, the ensemble struck a super balance between looking conservative and taking a fashion risk. Daytime sparkle is a 2009 trend, which makes Michelle spot on. I also enjoyed the touch of the teal shoes and gloves.
  • Malia and Sasha: The girls looked gorgeous in their retro coats. I adored Malia’s cobalt blue coat that was accessorized with black muffler, gloves, hose and shoes. Sasha’s peach and orange ensemble looked youthful, fresh and adorable. Such beautiful little ladies.

Bring on the fashion critique. Did you like what our First Family wore on Inauguration Day?

Barack and Michelle Obama

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