Today’s post on the recent YLF gathering in Boston was written by Massachusetts born and bred Nicole. A stylish East Coast lass, long time YLF supporter and fabulous forum member.

The YLF Boston Tea Party was a huge success!  Tanya was gracious enough to be the coordinator for this event.  She chose a wonderful restaurant, called “Stephanies” on Newbury Street in the heart of Boston’s shopping district.   We met on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, and greeted each other with hugs and kisses.  Strangers would never have guessed most of us were meeting for the first time.

Shiny Carmenohio Greenglove Kellee Tanya Nicole Shiny's Friend

Shiny, CarmenOhio, GreenGlove, Kellee, Tanya, Nicole and Shiny’s friend (click images to zoom in)

Dressing for the weather on a blustery November day in Boston can be tricky, but the Boston Tea Party Attendees rose to the occasion.  It was brought to our attention immediately that all eight of us were wearing boots.   The cold weather had us donning our warm jackets, a few hats and gloves and lots of colorful scarves.  The style quotient on Newbury Street runs from sub-casual to smart casual—and needless to say, we all fell into the smart casual realm.

Boots Bags

Boots and bags (click images to zoom in)

Compliments of purses, coats, scarves and boots were shared, and I do believe we were drawing quite a bit of attention with how FABULOUS we all looked!  Once our table was ready, we wove our way through the crowded restaurant and the kibitzing began.  Surprisingly enough, our conversations were not centered around fashion.  We talked about our pets, our jobs, our families, where we lived in relation to downtown Boston, how much YLF has inspired us and how grateful we are that the members of our forum are so kind, nurturing and supportive.  There were no lulls in the conversation, no awkward silences—our topics of discussion were as varied and plentiful as the forthcoming food and drink!


We placed our brunch orders, which started with a fruit salad plate, ordered teas and coffees (and I think I saw a mimosa at the end of the table) and took lots of photos.  Angie has this adorable habit of declaring every photo she shoots as “BEAUTIFUL”.  I wonder if that is how models feel when their photographers are cheering them on.

After our brunch, we walked as a group to Angie’s hotel.  She took a few “must have” photos, and we all waited in the lobby while she returned her large camera to her room.  At this point, Anne and Shiny’s VFBF, Jane had to depart so we bid them farewell.  The remaining group bee-lined our way to H&M.  Greenglove bought a beautiful teal wool coat and a gold scarf that got high ratings from Angie.  Kellee bought a very pretty scarf, that the group confirmed was a good color for her.  Shiny and I tried on some hats, and Tanya and Angie browsed and offered valued opinions on color, style and quality.  We then made our way further down Newbury Street and hit a funky second hand store.  Tanya admitted to never having bought anything second hand, she was eyeing a pair of animal print wedges, but alas, they were too small.  Shiny tried on a fur hat—but decided it was too big for her small frame.

Unfortunately, at this point, my husband and kids arrived to whisk me away from all the fun and excitement.  Angie and Tanya were able to meet my family briefly.  My son was “hiding” but my daughter was chuffed to meet my online friends.  She asked me all kinds of questions about my “fashion friends” on the drive home.  Since my husband was double parked, I didn’t get a chance to say good bye to Shiny, Greenglove and Kellee, who had gone to the second floor of the consignment shop to look at designer dresses.


On a personal note, I’d like to thank Shiny for opening her home to me, and Tanya for making the plans and reservations.  I’d like to apologize to Kellee, Jean and Shiny for not saying goodbye.  Finally, I’d like to thank you, Angie.  Your ability to engage people has set a chain reaction in people’s lives.  The confidence you help people find in themselves creates friendships and interactions that may never have occurred.  You are a beautiful person (inside and out) and I am blessed to be part of your life.  I’d also like to thank Greg for making the forum possible, but also for sharing you with us today.

If anyone ever has the chance to meet up with YLF members, I highly recommend it.  As a matter of fact, I think it should be on everyone’s “bucket” list.  We hear all kinds of horror stories about online meetings, but we don’t hear enough about the positive encounters—which far outnumber the negative ones.  I know we have to be careful in this day and age, but we have to be careful with everyone we meet—not just internet friends.  So, to everyone who puts themselves out there, opens their hearts and minds, offers help and guidance and is willing to make this world a more fabulous place—I thank you!