Our downtown Macy’s store has a new “Brow Bar” that’s run by Benefit Cosmetics. A friend who was impressed with their service in California mentioned that her eyebrows had never looked better. I believe that eyebrow maintenance is important so I promptly went down to check it out.

You can drop by without an appointment and have your brows gorgeously groomed for $20 (either tweezed or waxed). The painless process took 15 minutes. The cosmetics consultant did a super job with the actual tweezing and shaping of my brows. At her encouragement I purchased the two Benefit products that she had demonstrated:

  1. Brow Shaping Kit – a sweet little box that comes with eyebrow wax to keep your brow hairs in place,  brow shadow to fill in the sparse areas, and the tiniest tweezers for plucking.
  2. Brow Lifting Pencil – a whitish pencil that resembles eye-shadow. The idea is to apply the pencil under the arch of your brow and blend. This gives the illusion that the brow has been physically “lifted” (the assumption being that lifted brows equal younger looking eyes).

I was in a rush and the light at Macy’s wasn’t perfect, so it was hard to see the full effect of the brow shadow, wax and lifting pencil until I got home. After having a closer look at the results I think that the products are good, but not my cup of tea.

  • The brow lifting pencil is very effective. Too effective actually. I have naturally arched brows at the moment so I looked like Doctor Spock after the shadow enhancement. I won’t be using this product for now, but I’ll know what to do if I need to “lift” my brows.
  • The brow wax and powder offers a perfect brow finish for an evening event, but it’s too much for daytime. I’m sticking to my Anastasia eye brow pencil for daily use because the finish is more natural (your brow hairs are still visible after application which is not the case with powder).

Even though I won’t be using these products regularly, the Benefit Bar is a worthwhile stop the next time you are in Macy’s. It’s quick, clean and convenient.