We see tartan, or Scottish “plaid” every year and this season is no exception. It’s trending a little more at the moment because of the strong ‘80’s revival and, for the most part, I’m enjoying the vogue.Jessica Bennett Gellar

I adore tartan skirts, scarves and shoes. I’d love to get a funky red tartan pencil skirt to wear with my biker jackets but haven’t found one yet. I like some tartan dresses, and also quite like the idea of tartan skinnies. Tartan coats and jackets can be fun and daring if the cut and colours are flattering.

But I’m not into tartan blouses, or button-down shirts. They bring back bad teenage memories of shoulder pads, dreadful frills, lurex thread and barn dances. If tartan tops in the 80’s weren’t bad enough, they continued to be one of my dreadful looks through the early ‘90’s when I sported the grunge vibe with an oversized tartan shirt and Doc Martens. It’s a look I can’t do again.

Tasteful tartan pieces make bold statements, which is probably why I’m attracted to them. Ignore what the magazines say and wear only one tartan piece at a time (the same way you would wear ruffled items and animal print). I’ll give tartan another bash if I find that pencil skirt. Does tartan tickle your fancy?

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Jackets, skirts and shoes in tartan appeal to me more than shirts. The latter are too much of a blast from the past.