Ruffled clothing is a common trend that wafts in and out of mainstream fashion. But ruffled accessories and footwear are a little more fringe. I’m partial to dramatic ruffles so I’m all for this look. It’s a nice way of adding texture to an ensemble.

I started seeing ruffled accessories in London just over a year ago. My stylish sister-in-law who lives there sports a killer white ruffled pleather handbag with black tipping. It creates such a stir! Keri receives loads of compliments whenever it comes out to play. Quite the statement piece.

I was gifted a black, baby version of Keri’s ruffled handbag, tipped with zips instead of piping. The design is a winning combination of rock-chic-biker-tough and girly playfulness. The contrast is attractively eye catching and it always evokes a positive response. Ruffled shoes and handbags are not items I would wear every day, but they’re festive for the odd occasion.

Sport a ruffled accessory the same way you’d sport an animal print – one item at a time. Do not wear a ruffled shirt with a ruffled handbag or shoes because that’s “matchy-matchy” overkill. Less is always more.

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My black ruffled handbag is a simpler and smaller version of the cobalt blue style above. Ruffles tipped with biker zips. So Angie. I don’t wear it with my biker jackets. It comes out with equestrian tweeds and modern-classic looks instead.