The July 2008 issue of InStyle magazine described sophisticated style as follows:

Feminine but not frilly, seductive but not showy, you live for luxury but are allergic to bling. Grace Kelly is your ideal, and Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera are your sartorial guardian angels”.

This is pretty close to my interpretation of sophisticated style. Clothes and accessories are streamlined, refined and tailored. Colour combinations are clean-cut and crisp. The fit and finish on garments is impeccable and you are polished to the extreme.

I think this approach makes it easier to look chic, but I also thoroughly enjoy looking a little less sophisticated and more arty and playful from time to time. There is room for both fashion personas and, in my opinion, they are equally stylish.

I’d like to open up an interesting discussion that started on the forum: Do you aspire to a sophisticated style, or do you feel “severe and unapproachable” when you dress this way.