About a month ago we talked about the jeans in our closet. My next questions are how often you wear the different silhouettes and why. I’ll go first:

  • 40% straight-leg
  • 40% skinny
  • 20% bootcut

I like the sleek look and practical appeal of straight and skinny jeans. I can sport perfect pant lengths without committing to a particular heel height. I go from flats, to Converse sneakers, to two-inch heeled pumps in one day (this happens a lot). The hems don’t skim the surface of the ground which keeps my jeans dry when it rains. The sleek leg line gives me the versatility to wear fitted and voluminous tops in both tunic and shorter lengths. It’s an efficient denim wardrobe formula that works for my lifestyle and fashion persona.

Occasionally I haul out my bootcuts and thoroughly enjoy wearing them when I do. They are elegant and look especially chic with a heel. I don’t wear wide leg pants because they don’t feel right to me. Your turn!