The July 2008 issue of InStyle Magazine has a few lighthearted pages on Style Profiling. The article breaks “fashion personality” into five categories and uses five famous Cates/Kates as the role models to bring them to life. Answer 22 quick questions, tally the results, and your style is mapped to the five categories. Not to be taken too seriously of course, but the quiz was fun, and their categories are actually quite well thought out.

A. Naturalist (Cate Hudson):

“Your earthy inclinations mean you carried a reusable tote to the grocery store prior to Anya Hindmarch making it hip, and you wore ethnic tunics long before Etro turned them into a style must. Friends may tease you about the SIGG bottle you lug everywhere – but when you’re working your green-market magic in the kitchen, nobody’s complaining”.

B. Bombshell (Kate Bekinsale):

“Your sexy style signals, ‘look at me!’ – and that’s what happens when you’re wearing a curve-kissing Elie Saab dress, red alert lips and chiro-practically incorrect YSL saber heels. So there isn’t a sensible shoe in your closet, but who’s walking? You’d rather lounge at Katsuya Hollywood or cruise South Beach in a new Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupe”.

C. Sophisticate (Cate Blanchett):

“Feminine but not frilly, seductive but not showy, you live for luxury but are allergic to bling. Grace Kelly is your ideal, and Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera are your sartorial guardian angels. Your friends so admire your impeccable taste they won’t even buy a bottle of wine before consulting you first. There’s a reason – you never miss”.

D. Trendster (Kate Moss):

“Lots of girls want your edgy look- that’s why they always copy you. But by the time they’re doing Kova $ T latex leggings, you’re already onto Balenciaga rubber dresses. Hey, you can’t help that your inner sensor is finely tuned to detect the next cool thing. Since your presence at any party confers instant grooviness, you’re always invited – usually to DJ.”

E. Romantic (Kate Bosworth):

“You love ruffles and bows and have never been afraid to show it. This year, fashion houses from Marchesa to Valentino to Proenza Schouler are catering to your ladylike leanings. A devotee of the arts, like manners you don’t care for today’s rather casual approach to fashion, but you’re far too polite to scold”.

My results tied “Sophisticate” and “Trendsetter” in first place, with “Romantic” not too far behind. I scored very low in the others, so I suppose that I’m the furthest thing from a natural bombshell. How do you think you’d score?