Last week the YLF forum passed 1000 registered members. It has attracted women of all ages, nationalities, body types, lifestyles and fashion personas. Whether it’s help with an outfit or purchase, a body type challenge, the chance to view a daily ensemble, or opinions about a preconceived style idea, questions are asked and answered swiftly, compassionately and effectively by astute and conscientious forum members.

Every so often a forum post starts something like this: “I’ve been lurking for a while and have finally plucked up the courage to post”. I applaud this courage. It’s not easy asking for feedback and sharing information. However, it’s not long before a newbie is welcomed, assisted and integrated into the group. If you’re new and haven’t posted yet, you’ll realize that we are all different, but very much the same. Maybe today is the day you will post for the first time.

I didn’t anticipate the extent to which I would enjoy the forum. It is so much fun! And I am in awe of the ongoing efforts of others to listen, help and learn. The sense of community is strong and the level of camaraderie heart warming. I have only met a handful of our forum members in person, but somehow feel connected to everyone. I hope to meet many more members in future.

Thank you for supporting the YLF forum. It would be nothing without your valuable and stylish contribution. And tell us about your experience. Has it helped you? Are there things we can do to improve the experience?