Most of us still have a good few months of cold weather to endure, but we’ve seen the last of Autumn & Winter in store (it’s that crazy retail cycle again). Spring collections are in full swing and, as ever, I am champing at the bit to talk about them. But first, some final thoughts on the last six months of fashion.

Here are my raves (hold off on the rants… we’ll tackle them tomorrow).

  • Knee high boots were a favourite again this season. I love a pair of casual or dressy knee high boots that make a statement, and flat, funky, urban styles were in abundance.
  • Statement coats are another perennial favourite and this season we had variety of styles and colours.
  • Winter dresses were a no-brainer, easy to wear uniform with knee high boots and fun hose. Pop on a coat and you were ready to go anywhere.
  • Bright colours were a welcome change after being promised a sea of colour last Spring and being stuck with neutrals instead. Yellow, cobalt and red were personal favourites.
  • Tunics were easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Voluminous detailing in trapeze jackets, lantern sleeves, wide-legged pants, dresses and swing tops made for an interesting change if the right amount of volume was in the right place.
  • Cracked patent for handbags, shoes and belts gave an urban edge to a glossy trend.
  • Waist-cinching belts brought back the hour-glass silhouette which I love. Adding a wide belt to an existing top or sweater often kicked it up a few notches.
  • Higher rises for pants and skirts did wonders for the old muffin top.
  • Straight leg jeans were one of the mainstream silhouettes and they proved to be really versatile. Easy to tuck and streamlined enough to wear with tunics, dresses and voluminous tops.
  • Clutches remained a favourite for evenings out.
  • Fringes or Bangs were a refreshing change to the cascading 70’s locks we’ve seen for six seasons. They added a modern streamlined touch.
  • 80’s influences continued to be fun to see and wear.

Another super season. I guess I say that about every fashion season because there’s always something to like if you’re open to trying something new and you know where to look. What were your favourite trends this season?