Knee-high boots tucked into skinnies or slipped on underneath a skirt is a fab look for Autumn. It’s a versatile dressing formula that can be adapted to any fashion persona or lifestyle. While classic long boot styles are always in vogue, you might get the urge to splurge on an alternative funky pair if your budget allows it.

  • Cuffed boots are striking, but they can look bulky if they aren’t shaped correctly for your legs. A streamlined cuff and a style that tapers at the ankle is a safe option.
  • Biker boots add an edge to any ensemble by providing glorious contrast when matched with ultra feminine pieces.
  • Casual flat boots are all the rage on the streets of London. Riding boots and slouchy styles make for a superbly unfussy urban look.
  • Sliver wedge boots are a modern and retro combination. Their low wedge heels oozes comfort, but beware of their overall silhouette. They could make you feel dumpy since the style doesn’t always taper at the ankle.

One of the reasons I love Autumn is because boot season really gets my fashion juices going. Long boots in particular are a powerful statement piece that always adds drama to your ensemble. And thanks to heavenly cushioning insoles, their comfort factor is easily increased.


Cuffed Cuffed Riding


Riding Slouch Sliver Wedge