To walk in style is not enough – we have to walk in comfort. The easiest way to make a winter boot, shoe, non-athletic sneaker or dressy heel comfortable is with some form of insole, heel cup or orthotic.

These marvelous inventions can cost you anything from $3 at your local drug store, to around $50 if you have them custom made. I’ve found both ultra cheap air foam insoles and pricier gel versions just as effective – your fussy feet will quickly let you know which they prefer.

Check out specialty stores (e.g. Dr. Scholls  and SuperFeet), drugstores and footwear stores. You might be surprised at the range of solutions available to you. Ball of foot cushions, massaging gel heel cups, diabetic insoles, tri-comfort orthotics and dress-fit high heel insoles are to name but a few.

Personalized fit insoles (SuperFeet) and dress-fit insoles for high heel shoes (Nordstrom).


Insoles that target the ball of the foot and the heel (Dr. Scholls).