Wellington boots, galoshes or rain boots – they’re all the same thing and an absolute must if you live in a rainy or snowy area in winter. They are best worn with skinny or straight leg jeans to prevent excessive bunching when you tuck them in. Bootcut styles will also work; but might not be as comfortable. Wearing wellies underneath your jeans kind of misses the point – your jeans or casual pants will still get wet.

Wellies are a win if…

  • you’re an urbanite and commute on foot
  • you take your dogs on winter walks
  • you take the kids to the playground
  • you like to garden
  • you work with children or animals
  • there are times when you walk in rain or mud

There are fabulously fun and stylish versions at stores like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Zappos and Nordstrom. You can choose to either keep your wellies playful and short, or sleek and tall.  Either way – you’ll ooze with style that’s practical and chic.


Trendy options from Banana Republic, Tretorn, Zappos and Nordstrom. Wellies don’t come in half sizes so you might need to try on a few styles before you find the right ones.