Red made a huge comeback last season but red coats were few and far between. Despite the fact that jewel tones are all the rage right now, gorgeous red coats started gushing into stores a few weeks ago. And it’s about time. I haven’t been enthused by colourful coats all season. A superb coat is always a statement, and a perfect red one even more so.

Not all red coats are created equally. The wrong red coat can look cheap (just like bad patent). Apart from watching cut and fit, you’ll need to be extra discerning about fabrication, button choice and the actual shade of red. Red coats tend to look best in rich luxurious shades and better-end wools. I personally prefer the look of contrasting buttons on red coats, but buttons that are dyed to match will also work.

I am constantly surprised at how many people actually love the colour red (I’m one of them). And you have to love red if you’re going to commit to an entire coat in the colour. Remember that although red is bright, it is a basic colour and will therefore date less than many fashion colours. Red coats are classy when mixed with items in the conventional black, grey and winter white palette. But I’m liking my red coat best mixed with warm winter yellow, ink blue and cobalt this season. The combinations are fresh, new and exciting.

If it fits your shopping plan and budget, now is a good time to add a red coat to your wardrobe. There’s nothing like a bright coat to brighten up a cold Winters day.

Guess Sculpted CoatMango OvercoatGuess Nina Patent Belt Coat

A few red coat favourites in stores at the moment (Guess and Mango). There are also some fab styles at Banana Republic, Tulle, Benetton and J Crew.