Red started to trend for Autumn 2006. It wasn’t forecast as a major colour for Spring 2007, but it’s everywhere. Favorable reactions to the resurgence of the colour last season have kept the trend alive and kicking for a good while longer than expected.

There seem to be more red shoe and handbag options available than any other bright. This is nifty news because red is a basic colour. Alongside staples like black, white, cream, grey, brown and tan, there’s red. All colours can be matched with the right shade of red (it’s strangely glorious combined with pink and orange). If you prefer sticking to neutrals, remember that red also falls into this category. Sport maroon or paprika instead of fire engine red if the classic feels too bold. There is a shade of red for everyone, gents and children included.

Anything red (clothing or accessories) makes my “must have” list for Spring and Summer. Take advantage of the abundance of red product that’s on hand. It’s the perfect combination of timeless and “of the moment”.

Perlina 'Career Classic Large' Satchel  Franco Sarto Avanti  Two Lips Rosarana

Red bag (Nordstrom) and shoes (