Finding a fashionable, comfortable and affordable pair of shoes is a tall order. With my finicky feet this was my fashion challenge each season. And then I stumbled upon farylrobin, a sassy footwear company that was started 5 years ago by New Yorker Faryl Morse. In her words…

“Women are passionate about their shoes… and their independence. I started farylrobin with those two passions in mind.”

Farylrobin shoes are funky, playful and distinctive. As Faryl says…

“We try to make shoes that are so visually appealing to you that you think “I’ve got to have those!” The kind of shoe that makes you happy just thinking about putting them on. The kind that actually feels as satisfying on as it looks. Yes, you can have it all!”

Can we have it all when it comes to shoes? Looking at the customer comments on, I started to feel a glimmer of hope. “Comfortable” was a word that popped up frequently. So I ordered a pair. After traipsing around in them the whole day, I can genuinely recommend them to others. They are beautifully made, soft on your soles and cheerful to look at. I am delighted to be part if the farylrobin flock.

Faryl Robin Soda  Faryl Robin Rosa  Faryl Robin Kylie

Farylrobin sandals and pumps cost between $115 and $150 and are available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and The colourful 3-inch pumps shown above made my feet very happy.