Storing necklaces in a jewelry box is not the best solution unless…

  1. there are compartments big enough to hold each necklace separately and
  2. the full contents of the box is visible at all times.

I’ve found jewelry box storage for necklaces to cause endless tangling and chaos. I forget what I have and refrain from wearing anything that requires straightening out. Ideally, necklaces would be hung tangle-free in an area where you can see them as you get dressed.

I have an inexpensive, convenient solution for my everyday fashion necklaces. I’ve hung a tie-rack horizontally on the wall of my walk-in wardrobe and each hook holds a few necklaces. A hook rack will also work and so will hanging necklaces on nails on the inside of your closet door. No untangling, effortless access, constant visibility and easy accessorizing. What a pleasure.

Belt & Tie Rack

I much prefer the aesthetic of pretty jewelry boxes, but the messy inaccessibility of my necklaces drove me batty.  Seeing as I don’t wear earrings or bracelets, my jewelry box is home to my rings and nothing else.