USA Today confirmed that Sunday’s Golden Globe award ceremony has been canceled due to the ongoing writers strike. They point out that this is miserable for fashion designers who rely on red carpet events to expose their work and that the cancellation would have a financially draining ripple effect. Make–up artists who make the bulk of their income during award season are out of a job, and non-profits such as “clothes off our back” (who auction off red carpet gowns for charity) can kiss their inventory goodbye.

It is a pity that the designers’ efforts won’t be seen at the Globes, but all is not lost. Well known red carpet dress designer Monique Lhuillier astutely pointed out that dressing celebrities for movie premieres will gain importance if fewer award ceremonies are in the pipeline. There’s also the rest of the award season to look forward to. Hopefully there will be ample opportunity for designers to showcase their work at the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys this year.

I’ll miss reporting on my top red carpet picks at this year’s Golden Globes. Perhaps a glimpse of last year’s favourites will bring back a spot of Hollywood glamour this month.