As you might have gathered from the length of my “raves” list yesterday, there was little this season that we couldn’t adapt to suit who we are. As always, it’s a matter of knowing how to sift through new trends in order to add just enough of “right now” to our existing wardrobe. Here are the items that didn’t make it through my filter:

  • Hectic high heels that soared at 3½ inches or more were the order of the day. Many of them were beautiful, but most were impossible to walk in. While ballet flats were also in abundance, there was virtually nothing fabulous in-between. I’d have enjoyed seeing a wider selection of 1½ to 2 inch heels.
  • Hippie tops were everywhere and often unflattering. While easy swing tops can be adorable, the wrong empire-cut top will do little for your look. Well endowed women battled with the empire seam cutting straight across their bust line instead of sitting comfortably underneath the bust. Also, these tops often stopped just above the widest part of your thighs which made them impossible for the pretty pears among us. In general, shoulder lines were sloppy and back ties were too long and frequently juvenile-looking.
  • Black and white and other neutrals, like brown, tan and navy, continued to play a significant part in modern-classic and urban collections. Red shone through as a bright basic, but that was it. I love the clean and classic black and white look, but I would have also loved see a colourful assortment of clothing beyond the eclectic and boho-inspired styles.
  • Crocs emerged a lot earlier than Spring 2007, but they certainly got a lot of attention over this last season. The company is doing exceptionally well and “making massive fistfuls of money with its wacky little shoes”. The trademark plastic molded shoes have their place, but it isn’t as everyday footwear when you’re out in public.

There were also a couple of missed retail opportunities:

  • A deeper assortment of fabulous shrugs, cropped V-neck cardigans and tasteful bolero jackets might have made a killing if they were available alongside the multitudes of sleeveless dresses. The additional cover-up would have made frocks more wearable for work and air-conditioned environments. 
  • Pants without side entry pockets are universally more flattering. It was a tall order finding pants  (especially white pants) without any pockets this season.

Overall, it was a fabulous season, but feel free to attack Spring and Summer 2007 a little more before we close the door and concentrate on Autumn. What do you think was missing this season?

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Beautiful shoes with insanely high heels.