I adore black and white ensembles and the look has definitely become part of my signature style as I’ve grown older. But we’ve had 3 back-to-back seasons of strong black and white fashion trends and we are heading for a fourth. As much as I fancy the timeless, modern, vintage and dramatic appeal of black and white outfits, I enjoy seeing and wearing striking colours in playful and sophisticated silhouettes.

I had great hopes for Spring 2007, which promised us an explosion of colour. Colourful accessories were in abundance. Busloads of brightly adorned hippy empire tops and smocks filled the rails, filling the colour gap for those who like the bohemian and eclectic look. But unfortunately this was not a colourful season for modern classics and funky urbanites. For the most part, we were left purchasing neutrals.

As an ex-fashion buyer, I can understand why this might happen. Buyers are cautious about putting bright colours in their collections because overkill ends up on markdown. On the other hand, shoppers need choice regardless of their age, budget and fashion persona. There are only so many black and white dresses, tops and jackets that one can purchase. Is anyone else a little tired of seeing the sea of black and white in stores?