It is one thing to do a style transformation with the perfect dress, heels, make-up, haircut and a limitless budget of time and money. It’s much harder to maintain a sense of style daily when you’ve had 5 hours sleep and 15 minutes to get ready. Most of us need an assortment of affordable throw-it-on-in-2-minutes outfits that make us feel stylish, fabulous and comfortable.

This is where I come in, because I have the same needs as you. I’m a fashion stylist and every day I deal with real people with real bodies who lead real lives. I studied Psychology and Fashion Design and have 16 years of international mileage in the fashion industry. I love to use that experience to help people feel good about how they look and what they wear. I firmly believe that style is not a size, age or designer label. It’s about dressing well for the life, body and budget that you have with conviction and confidence.

Along with my style consulting business and my work at Dress for Success, youlookfab is big part of how I like to spread the word that looking fab is not hard to do. Like wardrobes, websites need updates too, so we’ve updated the design of our site and added a few new features to make it a more effective resource. Here are the changes in a nutshell:

  • My blog: the formula stays the same, with a few tweaks that make the header more useful by giving quick access to the most sought after information. I’ll continue to blog daily on how we can all achieve and maintain a tangible sense of style affordably and practically.
  • Other blogs: There are many great fashion and style blogs out there in the blogosphere – too many to list in the already-cramped sidebar. So we’re maintaining a selection of blogs on a seperate page. If you have a blog and would like to see it in this list, just let us know. If you fit one of the categories, we’ll link to you – no strings attached.
  • Cheat sheets: Blog entries are our bread and butter, but from time to time I’ve wished that I could go into more detail, or cover a topic more comprehensively. Cheat Sheets will allow me to do this. Each one will help you to dress for a special occasion, put together a certain look, or adapt one of the new trends to your lifestyle and body type. I’ve made a start with the Summer Day Wedding and will grow the list over time.

The designer/developer bloke behind the site assures me that things are ready for prime time, but no doubt we’ll experience a few hiccups after the transition. If you see something odd or broken, or if you just have a suggestion, please leave us a comment. Thanks for visiting our site and remember to keep those fashion feet moving… there isn’t a style or fashion challenge we can’t solve together!