As casual, everyday, “be-seen-in-public” mens and womens footwear, Crocs have to be the ugliest and least stylish shoes I’ve ever seen. Wearing them to the beach, in the garden, during torrential downpours of rain, at home, or as your only option after bunion surgery, is a dash more acceptable. But only in the ultimate practical sense. I’m all for comfortable shoes, but Crocs look really unflattering (and I personally don’t even find them comfortable).

However, shrink them down to toddler- or pre-school size and they’re perfectly adorable. Everything looks cute when it’s child-size. Alas, Crocs for grown-ups are still being offered by the shelf load at department stores, which leads me to believe that there’s a market for them. I just can’t see these garish rubber shoes working in any adult’s stylish wardrobe.

Am I the odd one out?

Crocs Kids Cayman Pink Crocs Kids Cayman Yellow Crocs Kids Crocling

Crocs are cute when they are little, but then again… what isn’t?