Oversized bags and totes are all the rage, but your body shouldn’t ache as a result. Fashion is for fun, not for pain. If you remember two simple things, you’ll sport a statement bag with style and comfort:

  • Consider the weight of the bag itself. Large leather bags with loads of pocket and hardware detail can weigh a ton before you’ve even packed your essentials. Faux leather/patent, plastic, PVC, nylon, and canvas fabrications make for lighter and cheaper options. If you are going to go leather, keep design features simple as this tends to shed excess weight off any bulky bag. 
  • Don’t pack the kitchen sink. Be ruthless with what you need daily and try and find ways to downsize everything. If the interior of your handbag is a mess, empty its contents and re-pack.

Don’t damage your posture and wreck your outfit by lugging around a heavy handbag. A roomy, light and uncluttered version is a more practical and healthy solution.

Chinese Laundry ToteFossil Michael Kors

A large PVC tote and simple leather bags with no hardware or outside pocket detail.