Exaggerated heel height continues to make a trendy impact. It seems that 4- to 5-inch stacked-heeled platforms and wedges are destined to remain fashionable for a good deal longer. These new highs are a low point for me. While I’m an enthusiastic promoter of “leg-flattering elevation” (because a pair of heels slims down your curves by adding height), many of the heeled shoes in stores at the moment are frightening.

I adore flat shoes, but enjoy a stable 2 inch heel when I feel it enhances my outfit. These days I’m often attracted to a fabulous shoe, but then inhibited by the heel height. This is especially a challenge because it’s a dress season, and dresses look nicer with some sort of heel. Shoes for Spring are for the most part either really low or ultra high with very little in-between. I draw the line at comfortable 3 inch heels that I can wear for half a day to dressier occasions which involve me being seated for some of the time.

Do these new highs actually increase your style quotient? I don’t think so. How can anything uncomfortable, impractical and bad for your back and feet be stylish. Towering platforms and soaring wedges are one trend I’ll be forced to bypass season after season. I sincerely hope that trusty 2-inch heeled shoes make a strong comeback soon. For  the meantime I’ll be spending my shoe budget on something else!

Giuseppe Zanotti Luichiny Daniela Pleaser USA

If you can walk comfortably in any of these 4-inch-plus heels from Zappos.com, it’s a skill that you can put in your resume.